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Fish Gourd

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The black background of this stunning gourd is what sets off the beautifully intricate etching of the fish.  Artisans in the Andes Mountains of Peru remove the outer skin of gourds (similar to pumpkins) then dry them in the sun.  They then etch and carve designs using techniques handed down through generations.  Next the artisan uses the glowing ember of a piece of heated quinual wood to burn darker shades of brown and black onto the gourd, creating contrasts in the design.  As the artisan blows on the ember, the gourd is burned in a carefully controlled design.  The harder the artisan blows, the darker the burn.  The black background is created by applying a mixture of oil and charcoal.  Peruvian gourd carving is a very old and fascinating process.  Gourd boxes are fun to collect, wonderful to display, and make very special gifts. 

Approximately 3 1/2" Diam x 3" H

Handcrafted item, variations in color and style will occur

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