Koyosegi Hexagon Puzzle Box

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Another fascinating puzzle box from Hiroyuki Oka. What makes it a puzzle box? To open this six-sided wooden box you must follow a sequence of six steps (which are shown on the included instruction sheet). You slide the side panels just a little, freeing the last one to reveal an opening, perfect for stashing a little secret. Opening the puzzle box is easy once you know how, but not immediately obvious. Makes a really fun gift, especially if you hide a small present inside.

Yosegi-zaiku is the traditional Japanese craft of wood parquetry, produced in the Hakone-Odawara district of Japan.  This wonderful wood mosaic craft is hundreds of years old, and involves putting together different types of wood with naturally varying colors into geometric patterns.  The stack of patterned wood is then shaved with a special plane into thin veneer slices, and the veneer applied as decoration.  This handcrafted himitsu-bako, or puzzle box, is beautifully decorated with the koyosegi pattern on all sides.

After graduating from the Tokyo Guitar Craft Academy and art school, then apprenticing at a wood mosaic studio, artisan Hiroyuki Oka opened his own studio in Japan and has been handcrafting these incredible puzzle boxes for over ten years, continuing the Hakone yosegi-zaiku tradition.

Approximately 5" Diameter x 2 1/4" H     (Item shown in box not included with purchase)

Handcrafted item, variations in color and style will occur

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